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Are you an ambitious writer and want to contribute your content to our website? Then you will be extremely happy to know that we allow individuals to write for us. As we thrive to provide the best finance-related information to our readers, we are open to articles that speak about topics including investment, insurance, personal finance and debt management.

Being a reliable source of information, we emphasize that the content provided by you should be of high quality and easy to understand. Additionally, we expect your content to be genuine and if it’s found to be the work of someone else, we will reject it.

How to Write For Us:

While you draft an article for our website, you have to follow certain guidelines to ensure that your content meets all our basic requirements.

Guidelines for the Blog Post

• Article length should be between 500-1000 words
• All the content must be completely free from plagiarism and relevant to the topics suggested by us
• You can Include images/infographics to make the text easily understandable
• We have the right to edit/modify your content to match it up with our standards
• Ensure that the article provided by you is not published anywhere else not even on your own website
• We condemn content that is written with the intention of promoting a specific product or service
• We can include a single link of your website or your social media profile in the content
• From time to time, we share our articles to different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

List of Preferred Topics:

• Investing
• Money Management
• Personal Finance
• Income Tax
• Saving Tips
• Insurance
• Auto Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Travel Insurance
• Loan and Credit Cards
• Retirement & Pension Plans
• Financial Analysis
• Personal and Commercial Debt
• Debt Help & Relief
• Debt Management
• Debt Consolidation
• Credit Relief Programs
• Debt Settlement
• Student Loan Debt Reduction
• Debt Assistance
• College Debt Relief
• Bankruptcy
• Market Trends
• Stock Market
• Mutual Funds
• Investment Ideas
• Gold Investment
• Frugal Living

How to Submit Your Articles:

If you feel interested to work with us and have an article that you want to get published on our website then send it to our mail id: [email protected]. Also do not forget to include your name, relevant photos (if any), and website/social media profile link in the email.

Important Things to Note:

1. While providing the link of a website, make sure it is not involved in excessive link building or regular guest posting. We strictly adhere to the Google Webmaster’s guidelines and avoid linking to websites that can possibly degrade our website’s standards from Google’s point of view.
2. In contrast to many other blog outreach websites, our team appreciates your effort and time and tries to get to your queries as soon as possible.

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